Cristián Huepe, PhD
922 W 18th Place,
Chicago IL 60608, USA

Welcome to my application to the Undefined Discipline position at MIT Media Lab.

You will find below information on my various scientific and artistic projects,
as well as the common themes that motivate them.
This site is designed to have only text, linking to several multimedia files.

I hope you enjoy the tour.


Who am I?

I am a physicist researching complex systems and a musician creating and performing electronic music.

I am passionate about being at the forefront of human innovation, about playing a central role in the communities that are pushing forward new scientific and artistic concepts, about finding ways in which these concepts can enlighten us all and improve the human experience.

I have been developing scientific, technological, and artistic projects for as long as I can remember. I am drawn to science by a need to unveil the rational principles that structure reality and by the power it gives us to benefit humanity and to do fun new things. I am drawn to art by a need to create virtual musical universes that reflect the sounds in my head and by a drive to be part of the creative communities and social dynamics that transform underground artistic currents into new cultural landmarks. I am also fascinated by human sociocultural and political dynamics, and by the role art and science can play in achieving social progress.

I completed my undergraduate studies in Physics in my native Chile while leading the jazz-punk band Malavida (highlighted as one of the best emerging Chilean bands). I did my PhD in Physics in Paris, France, while producing and performing electronic music around Europe as labo_labs. I did my first postdoc at University of Chicago after releasing my first solo album. I then left the standard academic path to officially work on physics and music in parallel, reaching a unique half-time postdoc agreement with Northwestern University (which now became a unique adjunct professor agreement) while releasing my second solo album, and forming the Makers of Sense electronic fusion music duo with Brother El, a renowned Chicago hiphop artist.

For over a decade, I have been working as an independent scientist and artist, proposing and developing fundamental and applied research grant projects as the founder and president of CHuepe Labs Inc., while creating and performing music as a solo artist under the signature labo_labs and as member of Makers of Sense. During the last five years, I have also been working on art/science projects that combine scientific exploration with artistic creation as, increasingly, inspirations from scientific ideas find their way to my art projects and vice-versa. I am fortunate to collaborate with many top-level scientists and artists from around the world.