Research Webpage of Cristián Huepe

This home page describes the scientific research of Cristián Huepe Minoletti, currently an Unaffiliated Research Scientist in Chicago with support from the National Science Foundation and a Visiting Scholar at the Applied Math Department of Northwestern University.

You will find here information on my current and past projects; including short descriptions, publications, videos, applications, code sources, and presentations.

We recently completed my NSF project DMS-0507745 and received new NSF funding to study complexity and swarms with Prof. Iain Couzin and his team at Princeton University. Updates from the new project will be posted in this website.

I am interested in how physical systems organize and information is structured and transmitted through complex random processes. I have worked in various areas, including: Superfluids, Bose-Einstein Condensates, a Toy Cosmology Model, Finite-Time Singularities, Chaotic Defect Dynamics, Faraday Waves, and more recently Networks, and Swarms; always from the perspective of complex systems, nonlinear dynamics, and statistical physics. I am now studying emergent behaviors of complex dynamical systems such as swarming systems or elements interacting through network connections by using tools of statistical physics, networks, and nonlinear systems.

Contact Information

(1-312) 492-9072
Cristián Huepe
614 N Paulina St.
Chicago, IL 60622