Multivariable Calculus Multivariable Calculus
Math 215
Winter 2004
Prof. H. Riecke

Multivariable Calculus, by Edwards & Penney, 6th edition


Multiple Integration Chapter 12 (4-5 weeks)

14.1-3 Double integrals
14.8 Surface Area
14.6 Triple integrals
14.7 Polar, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates
14.9 Change of variables in multiple integrals
Applications of multiple integration
Vector Calculus Chapter 13 (4-5) weeks
15.1 Vector fields, div, grad, and curl
15.2 Line integrals
15.3 Fundamental theorem and path independence
15.4 Green's theorem
15.5 Surface integrals
15.7 Divergence theorem (Gauss)
15.7 Stokes' theorem
Applications of vector calculus

Discussion Sections
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Homework Assignments:


30% Quizzes (drop lowest quiz score)
20-minute quizzes at end of the discussion section are based on homework problems.

20% each midterm
on Multiple Integration (Chapt.14) .
on Vector Calculus (Cahpt.15)

30% Final
(common with other tech sections, comprehensive, emphasis on Vector Calculus)
Wednesday, March 17, 7-9pm

No make-up quizzes, make-up exams except for excused absences.