\Large \bf Interdisciplinary Nonlinear Dynamics - 438

Interdisciplinary Nonlinear Dynamics - 438

Fall 2002

Hermann Riecke

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This class gives an introduction to nonlinear dynamical systems as they arise in a wide range of areas of science and engineering. While the main goal of the class is to present the concepts and techniques needed for dealing with these systems it will do so from an applied perspective making contact with physical systems wherever possible. The course will build on the textbook Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos: With Applications to Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Engineering by S. Strogatz.

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a) Period-doubling cascade to chaos in logistic map. b) Pattern formation in fluid convection.

Key topics to be discussed include

Location and Time: TuTh 11:00-12:20 MG28

For more information call, send e-mail, or stop by: 491-8316; h-riecke@nwu.edu; M458.

This course is part of the IGERT program
Complex Systems in Science and Engineering

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