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Models in Applied Mathematics

ESAM C-21-1,2

Hermann Riecke

Tech 4396 TuTh 10.30-12.00

In this class mathematical models for various typical physical systems relevant in science and engineering will be developed. This leads in particular to ordinary and partial differential equations. Various methods for their solution - exact and approximate - will be developed and/or reviewed.
Physical systems and mathematical concepts to be discussed include:

Mechanics, driven oscillators, fluid flow, elasticity, vibrations, diffusion, heat conduction, waves in compressible media, electrostatics...

Ordinary, linear and nonlinear differential equations, phase plane, stability of motion, variational principles, Green's functions, complex variables, multi-scaling, regular and singular perturbation theory...

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Hermann Riecke
Tue Sep 12 15:24:58 CDT 1995