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Methods of Nonlinear Analysis

ESAM D-12-3

Spring 1996

Hermann Riecke

This class will focus on the analysis of spatially extended dynamical systems, i.e. on dynamical systems with many degrees of freedom. Of particular interest will be pattern-forming systems which exhibit structures which are more complex than just simply periodic in space and/or time. Such systems are found in many areas of science and engineering.

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Figure: Amplitude chaos (a) and phase chaos (b) as found in 2d simulations of the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation.

Key topics and issues to be discussed include among others

The physical systems to which the theoretical results will be applied range from fluid systems (e.g. convection in pure fluids and mixtures) and chemical systems to wide-aperture lasers and superconductors.

Some of the material will be covered by the students who will present their projects in class. For a list of suggested projects see below.

Location and time: Mo We Fr 1.00 in A110 (computer projection room)

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Suggested Projects:

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Hermann Riecke
Wed Mar 6 18:00:05 CST 1996