Petia M. Vlahovska Group: Mathematics Interfaces

Experiments in the Applied Mathematics Lab.
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Videos of lectures:

Complex dynamics of soft microparticles in flow and electric fields. Lecture at the BIRS workshop on Complex Creeping Fluids: Numerical Methods and Theory, Oaxaca (Mexico) Oct 1-6, 2017

Electrohydrodynamic instabilities of viscous drops in strong electric fields. Invited talk at the IMA workshop on Electrohydrodynamics and Electrodiffusion in Material Sciences and Biology, March 12-16, 2018


Our group is interested in the mathematical modeling of physical and biological systems. Currently we work on problems in membrane biophysics (biomembrane electromechanics and stability, thermal shape fluctuations), complex systems and soft matter (emergent phenomena and self-organization in active matter, directed assembly, nonlinear particle dynamics). Our research explores interfaces, both physical and disciplinary! We also have a Lab, which is an amazing source of discoveries and inspiration for new theories!

Current research projects:

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If you are interested to download the results from my small-deformation theories: