Petia M. Vlahovska Group

The research in our group integrates theory and experiment. Some group members do theory, some do experiments, and some do both!

Experiments in the “Applied Math Lab”

The Lab is located in E273. Current equipment includes:
See the VIDEOS link on the menu for movies illustrating the experimental activities in the Lab.

Teaching in the Applied Math Lab (coming soon)
Good theory requires an appreciation of the phenomenon that is being modeled. I plan to offer a course that provides hands-on experimental experience that highlights the principles of modeling and key mathematical concepts. Potential experiments range from simple table-top ones, e.g., soap films (minimal surfaces), Quincke electrorotation (Lorenz chaos), to more sophisticated ones that require microscopy imaging and touch upon bio- and soft matter-physics topics, e.g., thermal fluctuations (biomembranes), and self organization in populations of active particles.