Multivariable Calculus Multivariable Calculus
Math 215
Spring 2003
Prof. H. Riecke

Multivariable Calculus, by Strauss, Bradley, and Smith (3rd edition)


Multiple Integration Chapter 12 (4-5 weeks)

12.1+2 Double integrals
12.3 Polar Coordinates
12.4 Surface Area
12.5 Triple integrals
12.6 Applications of multiple integration
12.7 Jacobians: Change of Variables
Applications of Multiple Integrals
Vector Calculus Chapter 13 (4-5) weeks

13.1 Vector fields
13.2 Line integrals
13.3 Fundamental Theorem and Path Independence
13.4 Green's Theorem
13.5 Surface Integrals
13.6 Stokes' Theorem
13.7 Divergence theorem (Gauss)
Applications of Vector Calculus

Discussion Sections
Teaching Assistants:
Lael Fisher Tu 11 in L221 (last names M-Z)
Ben Vaughan Tu 11 in LG72 (last names A-L)
In addition you can also talk to Matt Peterson and Laura Ritter.

No discussion section during first week of classes

Office Hours:

Hermann Riecke: Mo 5-6, Th, 4-6, M458

Lael Fisher: T 1-5 in TECH M445
Matt Peterson: M, T 2-4 in TECH M455
Laura Ritter: M, T 10-12 in TECH M449
Ben Vaughan: M, W 8-10 in TECH M445

At other times (M-F afternoons and evenings): check out tech tutoring.

Extra office hours before the final:
Matt Friday 2-4
Ben 8-10am on Monday
Laura 10-12 on Monday.
Lael 12:30-2:30 on Monday

Homework Assignments:
HW 1, HW 2, HW 3, HW 4 HW 5 HW 6 HW 7 HW 8 Solutions for HW 8

Practice Final Solutions for Practice Final

Quiz 1 (for your own feed-back)

Review Problems for Midterm. In order to be prepared, do all of the problems on the review sheet before the next discussion section.
Solutions for Midterm


25% Homework and Quizzes
(drop lowest quiz score)
Only selected homework problems will be graded. Homework typically will be due on Wednesdays at the beginning of the class.
20-minute quizzes at end of the discussion section are based on homework problems.

30% Midterm
on Multiple Integration (Chapt.12) in class, We May 7, 2003.

45% Final
(common with other tech sections, comprehensive, emphasis on Vector Calculus)
3-5pm June 9, 2002

No late homework, no make-up quizzes, make-up exams except for excused absences. You may discuss homework problems, but every student is expected to write up his/her homework individually - failure to do so may result in loss of credit.